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We do not accept direct payment from insurance companies or handle insurance billing for clients. Though we are not panel providers with an insurance company, most insurance companies will accept us for reimbursement for psychotherapy (but not for mediations or evaluations). The client should contact their insurance company for information on reimbursement. We will send you monthly statements with diagnostic codes and necessary information for insurance reimbursement.

We offer highly specialized services related to family law issues. Our staff have a range of fees. In many cases, we require deposits in advance so that there is no confusion or conflict that interferes with treatment or evaluation. Deposits may need to be paid weeks in advance to reserve an appointment time.

For ongoing work, such as mediation or therapy, payment is made before a session begins, in the form of cash, check or credit card. We accept most major credit cards. The client will be charged a fee of $50 for any bounced checks. The client will also be charged for appointments not cancelled within 48 business day hours (or 7 court days for evaluations).

We can help you determine what services you require and talk to you about fees and procedures. We can offer free 15-minute conference calls or in-person consultations prior to initiating mediation, according to availability.

In order to avoid the appearance of a bias toward one side or the other, the professionals in our office will not speak directly to one side or the other about any substantive issues prior to a contract for service. However, you can get a great deal of information about us and our procedures from this web site. If a consultation is necessary to assess suitability in setting up a case, that can be arranged. This consultation will likely be in the form of a 15-minute conference call with both parents together, or both of their attorneys, in the case of a mediation, or with both attorneys in the case of an evaluation.

Our approach is always tailored to the particular challenges being faced by the individual or family. Often we find it helpful to provide education about the normal reactions of family members, both emotional and behavioral, as they proceed through the roller-coaster stages of divorce. Beyond that, we use a family systems model, which takes account of the emotional reverberation which takes place in families. We all have a broad range of diagnostic abilities and will tailor our approach accordingly.

All the professionals in our office have substantial experience helping children and adolescents of various ages in divorcing families. In addition to their experience in the courts, together they have experience with children in schools, at home and in community settings.

All the professionals are trained to assess and treat adult psychopathology in all its forms, from normal reactions to extreme situations to psychosis and psychopathy.

We do not make custody recommendations without a thorough analysis of the whole family, including interviews with both parents and observation of each parent interacting with the children.

Neither. Our bias is that children should have access to both parents, but our recommendations will be made on the basis of the individual situation of each family.

Our focus is on the mediation of parenting arrangements. We can provide comprehensive divorce mediation, either in conjunction with an attorney-mediator who handles the financial aspects, or in conjunction with attorneys representing each side.

We can make referrals to therapists, attorneys or paralegals, but cannot take responsibility for the work they do.