His treatment method is eclectic, incorporating portions of the Gestalt, cognitive, hypnosis, psychoanalytic and behavioral therapy approaches.

Setting up an Appointment

Please note: it is always a good idea to make administrative preparations as far in advance as possible (payment and the possible signing of consent forms, stipulations and agreements). Unfortunately, all sessions cancelled less than 48 business day hours in advance will be charged to the canceling party (7 court days in advance for evaluation appointments). It is the client’s responsibility to give the required cancellation notice within the specified time.

When you have your initial appointment, please come to the office 15 minutes early if you have to complete paperwork and make payment. You can save time by completing the Intake Form before you come in.

Fees and Payment Procedures

We offer specialized services related to seperation and divorce.In many cases, we require deposits in advance so that there is no confusion or conflict that interferes with treatment or evaluation.

We do not accept direct payment from insurance companies or handle insurance billing for clients. Though we are not panel providers with an insurance company, most insurance companies will accept us for reimbursement for psychotherapy (but not for mediations or evaluations). The client should contact their insurance company for information on reimbursement. We will send you monthly statements with diagnostic and procedure codes for insurance reimbursement, if appropriate.

For ongoing work, such as mediation or therapy, payment is made before a session begins, in the form of cash, check or credit card. We accept most major credit cards. The client will be charged a fee of $50 for any bounced checks. The client will also be charged for appointments not cancelled within 48 business day hours (i.e. canceling a Monday appointment on Friday is not sufficient notice). For evaluations, cancellation must be given within 7 court days to avoid a charge.


3436 North Verdugo Road, Suite 105
Glendale, CA 91208

Phone: 818-952-2454
FAX: 818-952-6154

Please Note: Hours are subject to change and availability.
Monday-Friday 10 am – 6 pm


There are 2-hour meters up and down Main Street which take Quarters and Credit Cards.

There is also parking in the city parking lot located behind our building (it runs parallel to Main Street and is entered from “Hollister Street”, which is one long block north of Ocean Park Boulevard.).

1) Find a spot; 2) Note the parking space number you are in (written on the ground in WHITE); and 3) Proceed to one of the three “Pay Machines” to make payment. (There are blue and white signs directing you to them.) This machine takes payment in coins, dollar bills, and credit cards. Most spots are for 3 hours; some are up to 6 hours.

After parking in the City lot, go “under” the building until you are on the sidewalk of Main Street. Go right. Just past the beauty salon, you will see a security access box. Dial in the access code (*5720) for entrance. Please note: do not park under our building. It is reserved for tenants only and you will be towed.