We offer Psychotherapy for children, adults, couples and families, including co-parent counseling.

We specialize in helping families through divorce

We work with a variety of family problems, including parent-child conflict, and children and adolescents with behavior, emotional and mental health problems.

We also specialize in helping families through divorce. We offer a variety of services, which we can tailor to your particular situation. We can also refer you to other professionals who can be part of the team supporting you through the process.

We offer Custody Mediation and co-parent counseling for divorcing parents who want to set up parenting plans at the point of separation. Mediation can also be useful after divorce, as circumstances change or children develop.

We offer Collaborative Divorce, working with collaborative attorneys, to provide the least adversarial process possible: we focus on the whole family’s needs, help make practical decisions, promote emotionally healing, and provide each individual with support as they go through divorce and its aftermath.

We offer custody evaluation for parents who cannot reach agreement or who want expert input into their decision-making. We offer comprehensive evaluations (taking 10-12 weeks), which consider all elements of a custody agreement and limited scope evaluations (taking 2-4 weeks), which focus on limited areas. These are sometimes called ‘focused’, ‘brief’ or ‘solution-focused’ evaluations. We also offer confidential mini-evaluations, which can be used to help break an impasse in a mediation or as part of a collaborative law process.

We offer Parenting Plan Coordination, also known as “Special Mastering” for parents who need our expertise to provide ongoing mediation, with arbitration when necessary, to avoid repeated returns to court for minor decisions.

We offer Child Interviews when the court orders an interview as the way a child will have input into a custody dispute.

We offer Consultation to individual parents or attorneys.