730/3111 Evaluations

A 730 Child Custody Evaluation is a study of the family, it’s members and their relationship with the intent of restructuring parental rights and responsibilities concerning their child(ren). The purpose of the 730 CCE is to determine the child(ren)’s needs and to assess each parent’s ability, interest, willingness, and aptitude to meet those specific needs. The purpose of the 730/3111 CCE is to assist the Court in determining custody, visitation, and/or parenting arrangements that would be in the best interest of the child(ren).


Dr. Shirin knows that going through a 730/3111 Child Custody Evaluation can be stressful. Dr. Shirin knows that it would be difficult to imagine a more stressful situation than being in a High Conflict custody dispute, wherein you are perhaps dealing with an ex who is undermining and interfering with your relationship with your child(ren). Not to mention, trying to navigate the legal system, with all its complexities and intricacies. Dr. Shirin will do his best to help alleviate some of the stress of going through this process. Dr. Shirin has found that keeping a parent informed through all the steps in this process helps alleviate some of that stress. Dr. Shirin and his staff will be there to answer your questions and make this as simple as possible.
The beginning of the process will start with allowing each parent to explain the history of the relationship and how it got to this place. Dr. Shirin will provide you as much time as necessary for you to explain your side of the history. Dr. Shirin will strive to ensure that all steps in this Evaluation process are simple, equal and balanced. The interviewing process will take up to several sessions to allow you ample time to recall all of the events that you feel are important in your case.
Additionally, during the process, Dr. Shirin will interview the child(ren) alone and while in your custody. This will also occur when the child(ren) are with your ex. Dr. Shirin will also interview any other adult that has significant time with the child(ren). Dr. Shirin will also come to your house for a home visit. This will be done at both houses. Dr. Shirin will also interview collaterals that you have requested.
As you can see this is a comprehensive evaluation to see what is in the best interest of the child(ren). Once again, everything will be done in our power to make this as simple as possible.


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